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What we do 


Multi polar world Systemic Financial changes


The global south is already clasping to the macro transformation features of the multi polar geopolitical world like BRICS monetary policy based on a basket of currencies and commodities. The privilege of US dollar is going, changing our relationship with money and we mirror the next interesting monetary policy complexity model. We are living in a world where regional blocks with alternative financial architecture and alternative payments systems matters, these are the geopolitical points of fundamental principles of economics. Asia and Africa are reaping the benefits of regional economic corridors and investment plans this has eliminated the risks of conflicts and wars giving every chance to settle conflicts for peace and investments. It’s a clear quid pro quo its time to pivot and move with Infinite Visionaries Group (IVG) a polycentric firm, vehicle and vanguard of sustainable development in Africa were a return on investment is higher in Tourism and Culture, Real Estate, Banking, Agriculture, Mining, Microfinance, Currency swaps, Foreign currency settlements, Education, Industrial production, Human resources and bridge the funding gap on Infrastructure deficit paradox. These are intrinsic investments values that sustain long term growth even on basic investment, think differently and diversify. The world is transitioning very quickly invest in developing economies that mandates a level of self reliance growth that stimulate return on investment not as expansion of debt but piggybacking on the multipolar world features like BRICS.


Investing and Asset selection


Our practitioners have relationships through a network of corporate relationship managers and officers across governments’ investments platforms and private sector in Sub Sahara Africa. Our strategic approach starts with a thorough analysis of the long-term trends affecting cross continents. IVG we constantly strives to improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards across our portfolio companies

IVG Broadband Satellite

We provide global broadband coverage to a broad our customers in retail, Primary, Secondary Schools, Tertiary Education, remote mining sectors,, maritime and airline telecoms, corporate clients, Government & NGOs and all civic and health sectors with critical operations in remote areas where the reliability and security of the service is of paramount importance.

IVG currently operates in Southern and Central Africa is rolling out the 21 Century high speed coverage in all areas of economy including Tourism and E-Governments departments.

IVG Telecoms Infrastructure

IVG Satellites infrastructure is supported by big Telecommunication corporate with a global foothold in both sides of the continent with Teleports in Middle East, Asia Pacific and Russia.

Hence we meet standard connectivity needs beyond expectations, such as Data, Internet and voice.

Best for: Operation and production systems and occasional monitoring systems and transactional data transmission.

Solutions that cover the needs of transactional data delivery with high availability, reliability and at a low cost.

Best for: Use of transactional applications such as telemetry and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) type, measurement and remote control of unattended valves, measurement and remote control of electric meters, and measurement and remote control of gates and remote security management.

Backup solutions that guarantee the continuity of any type of operation economically and effectively.

Best for: supporting the operation and maximizing site readiness.

Infrastructure Construction

Our construction is differentiated sub-sectors of logistics either commercial, residential, civil and social real estate at early-identified strategic locations which provides good potential upside middle and upmarket property value increase other capital inflows investments into respective space when real estate strategies are early identified.

IVG team rigorously underwrites downside scenarios hence we ask for potential security legal and structural protections and actively develops hedging strategies to mitigate governments, company, industry, and macro risks.

Our portfolio includes Tertiary colleges and universities, student accommodation, residential property development shopping malls in major centres; we have invested throughout the infrastructure asset class, providing diversification across geographic regions, sub-sectors and stages of development.

IVG- Cross Infrastructure Construction Synergies


We have a distinction in identifying potential extremely stable infrastructure assets that provide essential services that we have broken down in three.


Civil Infrastructure


Our construction is based structures supporting human living and activities and this includes electric power, gas, water and wastewater distribution. We have constructed shopping malls communications, transportation, airports, roads, bridges, rail bus stations and the collections of buildings that make up towns, urban and rural communities.


Social Infrastructure Construction


As IVG we have a good governance policy that promote social living infrastructure that extremely stable and last for generations. We have been in the construction social infrastructure like schools, clinics and hospitals. This also includes power plants, pipelines and renewable assets like wind farms and solar energy. Some social infrastructure once build they have a natural monopolies over areas.

Portfolio Construction

Our construction portfolio includes Tertiary colleges and universities, student accommodation, residential property development shopping malls in major centres. We invested throughout the infrastructure asset class, providing diversification across geographic regions, sub-sectors and stages of development.


IVG Agriculture investment strategy pursues investment opportunities based on our view that rising food demand calls for an increase in farmland as well as increased investment in existing farmland. We view chronic underinvestment and lagging yield improvements as having inhibited the response to increasing global demand and we believe opportunities exist to acquire land and apply professional management and proper investment to maximize its productivity. Rising global food demand creates the need for increasing investment in primary production.

In order to determine attractive relative value regions, IVG evaluates sovereign risk; business and regulatory environment; land values; optimization of yields; local cost of production; local cash markets for crops produced; environmental impact; weather risks; and execution risks. The Agriculture investment strategy utilizes an own & operate model, whereby we seek out and validate capable and reputable operators who share our vision of the need for larger-scale farming to meet the world’s food needs.

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