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Company Profile

Infinite Visionaries Group (“The Company”) is a legally registered company registered and domiciled in UK in terms of the Companies Act. The company was registered in 2019 after its directors and key team members regrouped to harness their individual exposures in national and international in various sectors to take lead in the development of the Africa after many years of negative economic decline.

The company conducts its business mainly from its head office which is located in United Kingdom in the capital city of London and as its registered office, and also an office in East Sussex.

We are a professional services firm with key interests in the following segments and have projects already running at different implementations stages.

  • Infrastructure development and capacity building services in support of economic growth and development in South of Sahara and beyond

  • Mobile and satellite services

  • Smart Learning Projects

  • Farming

  • Heavy Industrial and Mining Equipment leasing and selling

  • Capital Raising & Project Financing

  • Financial Services


IVG is a private independent firm investing in Southern and Central Africa infrastructure assets in five factors of economy: Agriculture, telecoms, construction, energy and transport. Our vision is to capitalize on our deep expertise in infrastructure investing, with the goal of achieving strong and predictable returns, on a long-term basis, through direct investment in high quality infrastructure assets. By working hand-in-hand with portfolio company management teams, we help to create larger, more resilient businesses that in turn help to meet the infrastructure needs of tomorrow.


Our mission is to provide the communities and country with improved livelihoods and provide our investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns, on a long-term basis, by investing in IVG infrastructure assets, projects and companies.



  • Our mission is to partner international players in their quest to invest in Africa in various sectors such as infrastructure development;

  • Provide low cost and affordable mobile services in Africa South of Sahara region;

  • Avail services that cannot be accessed in remote areas through e-Learning technology;

  • Lead in the infrastructural development of the country.

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