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Meet our Team

IVG has a team of polycentric professional practitioners in finance, banking, engineering, construction, telecommunication and Agriculture and we focuses on Africa Sub Sahara Emerging Model Markets were we have relationships, experience and respect with the native cultures to uncover attractive investment opportunities and drive significant additional value of the locals over the lifetime of the investment through its active asset management approach.


Lloyd A Bondia
Senior Investment ARM
      -Active Equities

MSc in Money, Banking and Financial Systems (CeMAP) (Systems Analyst)
International Relations & Politics (IR)
Leadership & Organisation

A well-presented, industrious and highly personable individual who has extensive in-depth experience of the entire banking industry with great exposure to the UK financial sector. Adept at utilizing a variety of computer software platforms to manage accounts and maintain service notes. He Innovates business solutions to a wide range of challenging issues which results in the development of profitable relationships and maintains a growing library of information on global economic current affairs on investments and banking products, and tracks the trends that will lead to new offerings. A visionary Change Agent who builds and leads motivated teams to drive organizational success within diverse industries and sectors across continents and emerging markets and in face of challenging economic conditions. Lloyd has been tasked to lead the asset/liability modeling in Sub Sahara Emerging Model Markets and Assets in an integrated manner of pricing and corporate finance.

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Simba Zoromedza
Senior Investment ARM
      -Active Equities

MSc. In Finance & Investment; BCom Finance

A passionate risk manager with extensive experience in developing and implementing successful risk management policies in the Zimbabwe and Southern & East Africa market with a keen interest in big data and data analytics. Proficient in planning, organizing, directing and leading of the business unit. A Change Agent with excellent communication skills with a can-do approach to problem solving and resolution. Extremely meticulous with an eye for detail and positive outlook in often complex environment. Simba has been tasked with project risk management and valuation.

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Felix Chataika
Technical Consultant

BSc. in Telecommunications Hons Degree

A hands on university level educated professional who is passionate about what he can do, proud of what he can deliver and prepared to go the extra mile to make a difference. He is a self-starter and a quick leaner who is willing to the initiative and has the ability to work in a high dynamic, fast paced demanding and deadline driven environment.


Felix is multi task and excellent communicator who collaborates with team members and consults with third party groups to achieve goals. Felix focuses on innovations research and telecommunication portfolio of the company.

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MSc Strategic Management & Leadership,Fellow CIEH

Edwin started in Africa working in engineering for one of biggest blue-chip American company. He made a quick move into the Supply Chain and Logistics Management department of the business where excelled and played an instrumental role in acquiring ISO 9000 certification. from 2000 he has worked for various world leading health care providers in Europe and travelled extensively across the globe.


Edwin is fuelled by his passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural marketing, strategies, providing tailor made packages and solutions. His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his most recent success at BUPA  UK  achieving 100% compliance on most of his assignments

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Esnath Banda

Retail Executive

A highly skilled Retail executive for 20 years and a go getter in possession of rquso;s business qualifications with majors in procurement, marketing, communications, public relations, advertising and business administration management. Esnath has a great flare for fashion; she has a vast experience in the clothing and footwear retail to the deep and a fashion stylist for 10 years. She has a clothing retail experience from store and branch establishment, thorough knowledge of retail trends sales and vigilant on customer requirements and stock procurement. Esnath has a solid exposure to infrastructure development in South Africa having spent more than 14 years as a procurement manager at Berkerly Developments which specializes in up market residential infrastructure development. Esnath has been involved mainly in medium to large development projects throughout Africa and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing battle hardened projects and management on site. Esnath is a child of Africa and mother to many small rural communities where she has invested in life sustainable community agricultural projects. Esnath has developed a framework for youth leadership because of her relationship with the communities and she is at point were her career is a strong proponent for the benefits of a block chain through decentralisation.

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Senior Technical Infrastructure Communications - Projects ARM - Active Equities

An advocate of Industry 4.0 (I4), a Six Sigma candidate with successful implementation of automated  workflows in Aerospace and Fleet operations under his belt. He has over 10yrs of Applied Satellite Communication skillset in Maritime, Land, Air and Sea operations, with traceable records of Telemetry, M2M, SCADA applications and over 6yrs of IIoT solutions throughout EMEA & APAC region. Musah is driven by solving today and tomorrow's  challenges with keen focus on greater results. 

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