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Project Status: Implementation Stage

Mozambique has three mobile network operators being MOVITEL  which controls a larger of the market and Mcel and Vodacom which has a smaller % local shareholding.  

INFINITE VISIONRIES GROUP is a virtual network operator (VNO) or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) provider as well as managing the services and a reseller of network services from other telecommunications suppliers that does not own the telecommunication infrastructure. Our bandwidth comes from the most advanced earth station telecom providers that is linked in orbit. INFINITE VISIONRIES VSAT very small aperture terminal is a two way satellite ground station with a dish antenna that is to be located at the company premises in Sub-Sahara. The subsidiary will be managed by qualified staff in the areas of communication at international level both in retail and commercial applications. INFINITE VISIONARIES GROUP- VSAT bandwidth is leased from large telecom providers with access to satellites in geosynchronous orbit or geostationary orbit to relay data from small remote earth stations to other terminals or master earth station “hubs”. INFINITE VISIONARIES GROUP VSAT will also be able to transmit narrowband data for POS machines transacting when purchasing using bank cards.



Education accessibility remains a challenge in Africa particularly Mozambique where over 60% of the population is domiciled in the remote rural areas and education infrastructure is limited.

Project Status: Implementation Stage

This will ride on the telecommunications above alluded to above. E-Learning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. E learning has gone beyond expectations that advanced courses, programs, degrees and even examinations are being delivered online. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. IVG WIRELESS VSAT Network allows rapid low cost but reliable network reconfiguration and expansion that has the artificial intelligence to meet new and any future unexpected business requirements. Yet its cost effective transmission and network operations are made possible by use of the satellite frequency times division multiple access techniques. Distance learning using IVG WIRELESS VSAT is an innovation that allows educational content to be transmitted from area to area providing students in remote areas to get education of national, regional or international level without limitations of distance or geographical boundaries hence the need of VSAT high speed in order to receive maximum quality real time audio or video content with efficiency. IVG WIRELESS is going to be providing the platform and communication data network used to deliver online via the internet ranging from Distance Education to computerize electronic learning online learning internet learning and many others.

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