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Project Status: Implementation Stage

One of the ways you can instantly understand a modern society is through its infrastructure, the way they live, education system, schools they attend, transportation, health centres, roads, entertainment, shopping, commerce, governance administration, banking, trade, security, rule of law and policing among other factors. All this creates a modicum of key stakeholders responsible for public social services delivery and  social policy formulation that safeguards this evolving perfect economic landscape.

The REAL CITY is redefining Maputo – Katembe as the art of living, business hub, centre of commerce and political activity leading to positive social outcomes. If you have these questions on Maputo-Katembe Real City then the video below is your answer.


Our Geographical key facts

Our professionalism is also rich in diverse relations with natives and respective officials, allowing us to acquire land, obtaining of planning permission and building the highest quality infrastructures in desirable places, cities and locations people aspire to live. This is supported by our expertise in socio understanding on land, design, construction and sales and marketing. Maximising a decentralized balanced governance and macro development opportunities across country.

Our logistic suppliers


Our procurement function is led by professional responsible for overall best practice in procurement activity with experience in supply chain logistics, direct and indirect commodities. With experience in lead times in order to comply with construction programme schedules, best commercial value, best specification adherence / innovation. She does this adhering to environmental sustainability which makes us a partner of choice with governments, agents, landowner and local authorities.

Housing Supply and Investment Opportunities

 Project Status: Implementation Stage

Modern homes, towns and cities are built with full social, commercial and civil administration fully addressing housing undersupply with no social overloads. A full proof investment portfolio  area of Katembe that embraces diversity and financial inclusion which consists of cash flow, capital gains and cash out, equity refinance. This is the next commercial hub of Mozambique were to start your investment journey through property structuring as a foundation of your portfolio.

The Real City, sorrounded by 5 wildlife national Parks, just half an hour from Maputo international Airport and seaport is an Estate comprising of an International School with olympic standards sporting facilities, Shopping Malls, Hospital, Hotel and Recreational Park. Two and three bedrooms open plan "Villas with exterior patios and front garden", "Condos with four or more bedrooms, double lockup garages, gardens tennis courts and swimming pools, High rise apartments with communal pool and braais areas, kids play areas basement parking, Duplexes and Townhouses all with premium high-end finishes, Biometrics Access control.

With 3 different structures options to buy your property either in your own name, or buying in a trust or buying in company and run it like a business. All giving you the following important advantages


a. Legacy (business continuity)

b. Great Tax Benefits

c. Financing capability (buying multiple properties)

d. Asset Protection (ring fencing)

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